What weather is expected for EPIC Dartmouth Race Day, July 1st, 2012?

December 8, 2011

Looking at Environment Canada weather data from the last twenty years (1992-2011), the average daytime temperature for Dartmouth on July 1st is 22.9° C, with an average overnight temperature of 12.7° C (or 73° F and 55° F).  The daytime extremes over the last twenty years showed a low of 16°C and a high of 29°C.

Twelve out of the last twenty years have had no precipitation at all, and in the other eight years, the highest precipitation recorded on July 1st was 2.8 mm (about a tenth of an inch) – let’s hope that record holds true for this years race as well!

How about lake temperatures and wetsuit usage?

Expected to be 19°-22° C, so a ‘wetsuit legal, but not mandatory’ swim is anticipated (Triathlon Canada rules for this distance swim mandate wetsuits below 16° C, and ban wetsuits above 24° C)