We’ve just passed 2,000 Unique Visitors on EPIC Dartmouth website

December 19, 2011

I had a look at the website statistics this morning, and we are sitting at about 3,500 visits in total, with 2,025 Unique Visitors since the website has gone live.

I am pleased to see potential competitors starting to find us.  As you read this message, please think if you can help spread the word by taking a moment to post on a Triathlon Newsgroup or Forum.  Or? send a Tweet, post on Facebook, or send an email to triathlon folks you know – especially if they are outside the region and may not have heard of our race yet.   I know a lot of people are already committed for their 2012 Summer, but the more of the uncommitted we can reach before they finalize their plans, the more chance we have that they will join us on July 1st.

Curious where our visitors are coming from?   So was I…

The 2025 Unique Visitors break down as follows:

By Country
Canada: 1357
USA: 489
Iceland: 56
Spain: 32
UK: 26
then France, Australia, and Bermuda

Canada (1357), by Province:
Nova Scotia: 534
Ontario: 487
Quebec: 96
New Brunswick: 82
British Columbia: 58
Alberta: 42
Newfoundland: 20
PEI: 19
Manitoba: 14

USA (489), by State:
New York: 66
Massachusetts:  51
California: 45
Then: Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida

Please continue to spread the word with potential Competitors, but also with Triathlon Suppliers, Manufacturers, or Dealers you do business with – the more people we can get engaged with our race the better!

Tim Chesnutt
Race Director