We’ve just passed 1,000 unique visitors on our site!

December 2, 2011

It was exciting to log on this morning and realize, with yesterday’s boost in traffic (thanks Trimes, TriRudy, and Slowtwitch!), we’ve now had more than 1,000 visitors to our website over the last few days.

EPIC Dartmouth is targeted at Age Groupers, designed by experienced long-distance competitors, and we are pulling out all the stops to deliver a fantastic race experience.  Our goal is that this 2012 event will be the single best advertisement for our 2013 race.  We want nothing less than an event where people’s first question across the finish line is: “where do I sign up for next year?”

Our challenge (as an inaugural event), is to find these potential competitors, and get the word out to them, in time that they can consider our race for the summer of 2012 (and hopefully, in time to take advantage of the early registration discount before the end of December)

You, the reader, know great competitors that are a perfect fit for this event.  Will you introduce us?  We promise to treat them like family, and show them a great time here in the Maritimes for EPIC Dartmouth 2012.

If you like the idea of this race, even if you can’t personally come, please share it with your friends and training partners, post it on a blog, Tweet it, Facebook it, send an email off to your Tri club – it is a huge help to us, and we really appreciate your efforts!

Tim Chesnutt

Race Director