The One About the Cool Kids – EPIC Dartmouth Volunteer

April 16, 2013

cathyMeet Cathy Carter.  No stranger to endurance sports, Cathy is Co-Chair of Epic Dartmouth’s run committee.  Her athletic resume is as impressive as her volunteer resume (she worked with last year’s run committee, too) and we consider ourselves lucky to have her as part of the team.

Cathy started running “way back when” because she thought it was what the “cool” people did.  (For the record, she was right.)  Cathy’s first race was the Valley Harvest Half Marathon in Wolfville, another local favourite that takes place each fall in Nova Scotia.  “I was such a bookworm growing up that no one figured I would stick with running. It was only after I finished my second Boston Marathon that my mother stopped asking me, ‘Did you finish?’ when she heard I’d run another race!”  Since then, Cathy has been a crew member and pacer at three 100 mile races and hosts a New Year’s Day fun run for her friends each year.

They say that those who can’t do, teach.  You don’t have to be a triathlete to volunteer at triathlons.  You don’t even have to play sports!

“I can’t swim and am afraid to bike on the road so I will probably never do a triathlon, but I was drawn to help out at this race through my great appreciation of endurance sports.”

Right on, eh?

From all of us at Epic Dartmouth, “stay cool” and “thanks!” to all of our athletes and volunteers!  We look forward to seeing you on June 30th.


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  1. Very inspirational and there are similarities in ability. I too lack confidence, currently I’m not able to bike, run long distances or swim more than a few feet, but as an athlete with a disability, I’m just not there yet. There’s hope for me yet, thank you Cathy!