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Subaru EPIC Dartmouth Triathlon Club Championship – new for 2014!

October 25, 2013

2014 EPIC Club Championships


TriClubsFor 2014, Subaru EPIC Dartmouth Triathlon is pleased to introduce a Triathlon Club Championship!

No additional entry fee is required to enter the 2014 EPIC Club Championships.  All competitors are automatically included as they register for our 2014 event simply by indicating their club affiliation.  Each triathlon club may enter as many members as they wish, but to qualify, each club must have a minimum of three members registered in our 2014 event, at either the EPIC or IRON distances, and including at least one Female and one Male competitor.

The finishing times used to calculate the EPIC Club Championships will be the final finishing times for those team members completing in the EPIC distance event, and for those continuing on to complete the full 226k IRON distance, their time to required to reach that same 205k EPIC distance point.

The fastest three times achieved from members of each club (including at least one Male, and one Female time), will be added together, with the low net time being declared the “EPIC Triathlon Club of 2014”.

In addition to the title, there will be a minimum cash prize of $500 awarded to the top club, with an extra $100 added to the prize purse for each additional club beyond five competing in the 2014 EPIC Club Championships.  So, the more clubs competing, the larger the prize the top club will take home!

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