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Spotlight on… Sue Rodgers

April 14, 2014

Sue Rodgers

is as talented as she is funny… And she’s really, really funny! Sue knows how to combine hard work and dedication with fun. She is a great example of how a positive attitude and not taking yourself too seriously will help you accomplish great things!


Name: Sue Rodgers
Age Group: 40-44
Event/Distance: IRON Dartmouth


How long have you been involved in the triathlon world?

10 years of competing; a lifetime of mockery.

When you started, what were your goals?

To learn how to swim and stop making fun of triathlon shorts and the geeky bikes! I have since purchased all of the above as well as learned to swim. I now have no limitations on my fun making and include myself in the targets I abuse.

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?

Besides not hitting my head, my biggest superstition is that I must put my Body Glide on before my tri suit.

How many hours per week do you train?


What do you love most about EPIC Dartmouth and why did you choose this race?

I love the location, the bike course, the volunteers, and the exuberance of the race director. We chose EPIC because of the convenient proximity of microbrewed beer, the lane lines in the swim course, and the finish line fireworks. It’s also just across the pond from Newfoundland and Labrador. We also have family there who can drive us back to the house and tie our shoes the next day.

Words of wisdom (Any advice for your competitors or future triathletes?)

Iron distance is an exercise in mental instability, so allow yourself to dream crazy dreams and wear the statements of your friends (such as, “you seriously did that this morning?” or “what the heck is wrong with you?” or “stop making things up, you idiot”) with great pride. If it was easy everyone would do it. Enjoy the day and surround yourself with fellow nutcases so that the training experience is just as fun as a night at The Lower Deck.