Spotlight on… Mark Campbell

April 1, 2014

Mark Campbell

is a Dartmouth resident competing in the EPIC Dartmouth IRON Distance triathlon this summer. A repeat participant who just likes to have fun, Mark placed second overall in the inaugural IRON Distance event in 2012 and has been participating in triathlon and other long distance events for over 25 years.


Name: Mark Campbell
Age Group: Somewhat old, but oh-so-immature!
Event/Distance:  What ya got? 😉


How long have you been involved in the triathlon world?

one event at age 16, but true start was when i was got sucked back in from age 24 to present.

When you started, what were your goals?

Stop being “squishy”, not drown, and find some fun challenges.

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?

Nope! *throws salt over shoulder*

How many hours per week do you train?

Somewhere between 0.5 and 24.

What do you love most about EPIC Dartmouth and why did you choose this race?

Pizza and beer at finish, local fans and participants, location, genuine respect for the event and race organizer/director, and being able to sleep in my own bed race week.

Words of wisdom: (Any advice for your competitors or future triathletes?)

Be careful – it’s addictive! You’ll meet a bunch of weirdoes that become your friends and make you wanna keep being all healthy and stuff. You spend your money on cool toys, wear spandex and like it. You are steered toward not taking yourself too seriously and you end up travelling to amazing spots for challenging and life-altering events.  😉