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Spotlight on… Adam Aldred

April 7, 2014

Adam Aldred

hails from West Pubnico and is returning for his second season at EPIC Dartmouth. Taking advantage of EPIC’s layered races, he competed in last year’s Aqua distance and will be competing in this year’s EPIC distance race, all in order to someday complete a full IRON distance triathlon.


 Name: Adam Aldred
 Age Group: 35-39
 Event/Distance: Epic distance


How long have you been involved in the triathlon world?

2 years

When you started, what were your goals?

My initial goals before my first sprint triathlon were to finish and to keep a smile on my face the entire time. Little did I know it would turn out to be one of the most exhilarating things I had ever done!

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?

My pre-race superstitions include sleeping poorly followed by doing a crossword to disengage the nerves and wake the brain.

How many hours per week do you train?


What do you love most about EPIC Dartmouth and why did you choose this race?

I chose EPIC because it is allows me to work my way towards full-iron distance over the course of three summers, thereby chunking it into manageable sections. I learned so much last year doing full distance swim and bike, and now I feel that I am a much more mature and prepared triathlete as I work towards full-distance.

Words of wisdom (Any advice for your competitors or future triathletes?)

A) Interact. Triathletes are amazing people, and Tim puts together such an awesome and dedicated group of volunteers, so the positivity is visceral and uplifting. Saying ‘thank you’ or ‘atta boy’ became like emotional gel-packs out there.

B) The only way to be ready for the last 30 on the bike is to get full 180km training sessions in; my 120-140’s last year left me grossly underprepared for the grind at the end, and

C) Bring all your gear. I tried to pare down the amount I was taking when I packed ahead of the race, by attempting to anticipate what I would want on race day, and I was left without rain and cold gear that I would have liked to have.