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Run Course: 0k, 22.1k, or 42.2k

October 20, 2011
Departing T2, the EPIC Dartmouth run course heads North, following Dartmouth’s paved multi-use trail, circling around the East and North shores of Lake Banook. A few blocks through a residential section will bring you under Highway 111, to join the Lake Charles Trail heading through Shubie Park.
The Shubie Park portion is a wide and smooth crusher dust surface winding through the park and leading back to pavement and the highest point on the run course at the top of John Brenton Drive.
From John Brenton Drive you will turn right to Jaybe Drive, then almost immediately right onto Waverly Road, and head South along the East side of Lake MicMac, crossing over Highway 111 and returning on Prince Albert Road to start your next lap, or to complete your day at our Finish Line on the shores of Lake Banook. Each lap is 10.55 k, so 2 loops complete the EPIC distance, and four complete the IRON distance.

Elevation Chart

Google Maps Bird’s-Eye View

Google Maps new 3D bird’s-eye view feature will allow you to check out the EPIC Dartmouth run course as if flying by helicopter.
Open the following link in your browser:
Then, click on the ’3D’ play button located in the left column beside the title “Walking directions to 180 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth, NS”
The map will switch to Earth view and automatically start flying you along the EPIC Dartmouth run route.
(You will need the Google Earth plug-in for this function to work, and will be prompted to install it if it is not already loaded on your system.)
The course is automatically followed, although you can pause it anywhere in the 3D display and drag the map around to explore the surrounding area or landmarks.
For about half of the run course , you can get a closer view of specific areas of the course by first clicking on the ’2D’ button in the left panel, and then you can drop down into Google Street View to see full detail of any section of the course along Google mapped streets.  Note: inside Shubie Park, this Bird’s-Eye function is not completely accurate as Google Maps does not have all the trails fully identified.   Please refer to the other run course maps for a more accurate depiction of the run course.