Run Course Enhancements for 2013 Subaru EPIC Dartmouth Triathlon

June 3, 2013

For 2013, we’ve made a small change to the Subaru EPIC Dartmouth run route that results in even a more scenic course than 2012.

In 2012, the course passed straight through the area shown in the diagram below, and we then had our out-and-back section (to make the run *exactly* the correct length) at the top of the long hill you crested just before crossing the canal, passing the ball field, and running up through Shubie Park Campground to Water Stop #3.

For 2013, we have adjusted the run course to use more of the lakeside trails by the Mic Mac Lake islands.  Since this section is longer than the section it is replacing, we’ve been able to greatly shorten the out-and-back as you can see, and have located it all on the flat area just past Water Station #2.


EPIC Run Route Modification for 2013

(the run course passes from the bottom of this picture to the top – you can see the area in Google Maps HERE)