Reason to tri Epic Dartmouth #367… Options on the fly.

April 3, 2014

Epic Dartmouth has three distances built into it’s title event: AQUA, EPIC and IRON. Three challenging distances, all that play to different strengths.  All three distances start with the two-loop, 3.8km swim in beautiful Lake Banook, followed by a 180km bike ride along a beautiful yet challenging course, following a striung of seven lakes, then cross country and down a winding river valley prior to hitting the halfway point, and turning back towards T2.

Arriving back at transition, our bike catchers are ready to receive your bike, and now:


If you signed up for AQUA distance? – you have the shortest of runs, just 300M to the finish line and you are done!   This is the perfect distance to see just how hard you can push on the bike, and ideal for those that still love long distance but can no longer take the marathon run – it’s also ideal in preparation for a full Iron distance event in the month to come.


If you signed up for the EPIC distance you have two loops of our beautiful run course through Shubie Park, and around two lakes, to make the 21.1k run distance. This is an ideal training distance 6-7 weeks out from an A-race Iron-event, or as a stand alone for someone who’s strengths are on the bike.

If you signed up for IRON?, add two more loops to make the total of 42.2km, and the full IRON-distance event.  It’s not Easy, but it is EPIC…


Now here is the unique and beautiful twist to racing at Subaru EPIC Dartmouth:  Athletes can change distances up to, and including during, the race itself.  So, say that you are entered tin the full IRON event, but 15k into the 42k run, your sometimes injured knee starts acting up? 

At our event, you can opt to head to the finish line after just two laps, taking an EPIC finish, and you’ll have your feet up on the balcony, overlooking Lake Banook, with Pizza and a cold craft beer, watching other athletes cross the finish line, and you are a full finisher of the event – same T-shirt, same medal.  Or drop right down to the AQUA distance coming off the bike as half a dozen athletes did in brutally hot conditions in our first year.  They still had a happy day, in circumstances that would have seen them drop out as non-finishers somewhere on the run course were they at any other event…

How many races can say they do THAT!?