HydraPour Joins EPIC Dartmouth to Reduce Environmental Footprint on Run Course

June 8, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with HydraPour to provide a better hydration experience at our Aid Stations on the run course of EPIC Dartmouth.  If you are familiar with HydraPour you’ll be pleased, and if you are new to HydraPour, you will find it greatly improves your hydration experience on any run course.

We will still be providing fluids at our run aid stations in traditional cups, but we encourage you to carry the hydration device of your choice and refill it from our high-speed self-serve dispensers equipped with HydraPour valves that will be at every aid station.  The HydraPour valve delivers fluids at a rate of six ounces per second, and can be used to quickly fill any container you might carry, including HydraPouches, hydration belt flasks, handheld bottles, etc.  HydraPour-equipped self-serve dispensers have been used in hundreds of running races of all distances to reduce or eliminate cup usage.  You can learn more about the HydraPour valve and Cup-Free Racing at www.cupfreeracing.com.

We think this is a brilliant idea whose time has come, and one that can not only greatly reduce race associated waste, but can actually work better than traditional paper cups.

To ensure that every participant has a personal hydration device of some kind, we will have a supply of HydraPouch containers at registration for every competitor that would like to try one for our event.  The HydraPouch is made of recyclable silicone rubber and is soft, flexible, and ergonomic.  The top pinches open with one hand and snaps back shut, and it weighs just one ounce while holding six ounces of liquid.    Now instead of the choice of gulping your fluids or spilling as you start to run again, you can sip your fluids without spilling, and when done, the HydraPouch clips easily to any elastic (shorts, race belts, etc.) till the next Aid Station.  Most importantly, the HydraPouch will improve your hydration and comfort in any race, which is why it’s regularly used by marathon winners, Boston qualifiers, elite triathletes, and age groupers of every ability.  You can learn more about the HydraPouch at www.hydrapouch.com.

Please have a look at the short videos on their website.  You don’t have to use this new technology, we will still have all fluids available in traditional paper cups, but for those of you that like the idea of reducing race waste, and being able to sip your water rather than gulp and run, join us in embracing this better way to hydrate during an event!  (we will have a unit set up on Friday and Saturday so you can try it out before race day and decide for yourself if this makes sense for your race)