Fantastic Idea for a Two-person Triathlon Team

November 16, 2012

Courtesy of Clint Cummings and Karen Beazley who are signing up as a two-person triathlon team for EPIC Dartmouth 2013, have a look at this great team setup:

  • Teammate A: 3.8k swim + 90k bike
  • Teammate B: 90k bike + 21.1k run

What a fantastic idea.  This may be the best way to split a team yet.  Both teammates get to enjoy a multi-sport weekend, and it’s ideal for those stepping above an Olympic distance for the first time, or those whose race schedule may not allow them to do the full event, but would still like to be part of the action.

Which half will YOU choose?

Swim start

The first half, giving you the excitement of the mass swim start, and a strong swim as a warm up to a fast 90k on the bike?

Finish line

Or the second half, so you have a 90k cycle warm up before your half marathon, and the thrill of the finish line?

Team "Just Finish" at Subaru EPIC Dartmouth 2013

In either case, with the design of our course, there is ample opportunity to cheer on your teammate throughout the day, and it’s a great way to be a part of our expanded event for 2013!

  1. Glad to hear there is general support amongst the comments.
    Certainly, I am in support. Personally, I think Clint and I like the idea of back-to-back legs, rather than taking a rest in between. Gotta have some sort of challenge, after all. 😉
    That said, options are good.

  2. We could easily create the swim and run for the Half-Iron distance, the bigger challenge is the bike course – we haven’t yet found a workable 90k bike loop. Our current 180k loop works well because all the two-way bike traffic occurs on the quietest part of the course. Some of these logistics questions become easier as the race grows. With more competitors it becomes easier to justify closing off roads or getting preference for race traffic.

    We also tried to find a suitable swim location near the bike turn around that would allow us to create a point-to-point Half Iron race, but had no luck.

    Of course the other solution would just be more time in the pool! 😉


  3. That looks like a good alternative… might be interested in something like that for sure.. Have you given any thought to a 70.3 thrown in there.. there aren’t a lot of options for us weaker swimmers..At present it’s 3.8 or no swim option.. the 70.3 has been a pretty popular race in the last few years and appeals to us weaker swimmers who still want to do all 3 events.. lance

  4. Yes a great idea. However, if you can’t motivate yourself to do back-to-back legs of the race you could still do it as a two person team and get a bit of recovery time in between legs. One team member can enjoy the thrill of the start, and hand off to the other for the first 90km of the bike. Then head to the bike turn a round and do the second half of the bike, retuning to transition to hand off to their team mate to do the run, so they can experience the finish line thrill. So if you can’t swim or don’t like to run these are options for you.

    Lots of options with this race for those looking to be part of some thing great.