The EPIC Run/Swim Double-in-a-Day!

May 25, 2014

Epic Easy Medal with ribbon 4-28The EPIC Run/Swim Double-in-a-Day!

A brand new Multi-Sport option for the Summer of 2014, combining two stand-alone events into a single, EPIC, day!

First, pick any of three distances in Saturday morning’s EPIC Canadian: featuring the 5K, the 10K, or the 10+5K distances.

Ways to be EPIC 1

The Epic Canadian is a great Canadian-themed party with prizes for both the fastest runners and the best costumes – join us in your best Red & White and celebrate your ‘Inner Canadian’ as you set your best time on our lakeside course!

Great Medals, Great T-shirts, Great Finish Line Party!


Then, after lunch, take on the EPIC Swim:

Ways to be EPIC 2

The EPIC Swim is the newest addition to the full slate of events happening as part of the EPIC Multi-sport weekend, and will be the eastern-most event in the brand new Canadian Open Water Swim Series.

You can choose the 1K, 2K, or 5K distances in either the Competitive Class (speedos and googles), or Assisted Classes (Yay for wetsuits!), and will receive a commemorative EPIC Swim towel

By completing any distance in the morning’s EPIC Canadian Run, and any distance in the afternoon’s EPIC Swim, you’ll earn the very exclusive “It’s NOT Easy” medal, presented only to those that have completed two events in a single day!

Now, that’s an EPIC day, and with some Great Swag!

Come Join Us,

Be a part of something small EPIC only this summer!


  1. Hi Wendy!

    You can get the “It’s not Easy” medal for either Double: The EPIC Run Double in a Day – the 10+5, or the EPIC Run/Swim Double with your choice of morning run distance, and your choice of afternoon swim distance


  2. My husband and I are registered for both the 5 and 10k races. Does that mean we earn the second medal or does it have to be a swim?

  3. Hi Rob,

    You are correct, that classification will be done on the day, as some people might go one way or the other depending on the conditions of the day (warm and sunny vs cool and rainy)

    See you in a few weeks!


  4. Hi folks! In your description, there’s mention of two swim classifications, ‘…Competitive Class (speedos and googles), or Assisted Classes (Yay for wetsuits!)’, but when we registered, there was no such option. Did I miss something? Or do we choose a category at registration time?



  5. Yes! Just working on getting the registration for the swim open now. As with last year, you register separately for the Run and Swim events.

    See you soon!


  6. Is this an option for 2015?

  7. By registering for both events (they are set up separately as one is under Swim NS, and one under Run NS)

    EPIC Canadian:

    EPIC Swim:

  8. How do u register for the double? Ie run 5k and swim either 1 or 2k Lisa