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EPIC Charity Challenge 2015 – Tri Something Meaningful!

November 13, 2014


 2015 EPIC Charity Challenge – Tri Something Meaningful!

Your accomplishments as an athlete are inspiring, and will motivate others, athletes and non-athletes alike, to also ‘up their game’ with charitable donations for your cause – if you just ask…

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For 2015, we are taking this to a whole new level by introducing the EPIC Charity Match Program:  Pick your charity, and let us know your plans.  We will use our social media presence and exposure with our 2015 event to help YOU spread the word, achieving your goal for a charity that matters. 

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We have started with $1,000 in the Charity Match program for 2015, to be split among the charities of our top three charity competitors: $500 for our top fundraiser, $300 and $200 for 2nd and 3rd spots.

For complete details, and videos celebrating our past EPIC Charity Challenge winners, check out our EPIC Charity Challenge link on our main page

Now go do something EPIC!

PS  Please let us know as soon as you’ve chosen your charity so we can help you start to get the word out!