Connect for Group Training Opportunities

March 26, 2012

Want an easy way to connect with other triathletes for long rides, long runs, and open water swims?

We have an idea!

On our website forum, we have created a meet up section exclusively for training workouts.  It is easily accessible to everyone – no matter what community or tri club they are in, or if they if they use social media platforms like Facebook or not.

You can find it on our website , under ‘Forum‘ on the menu bar  (

Here is a direct link to the training thread: Training Partners, Routes, Group Runs, Rides and Swims

If you’d like to see new training opportunities without having to check back, simply log in and click the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button inside the Forum.  Now, each time a new group training workout message is posted, you’ll get a single alert message via email.

If you are interested in any particular post made in this Forum, and want to follow replies to that individual thread without checking back, click ‘SUBSCRIBE’ inside the thread in question, and you’ll receive email notification of replies to that individual thread.

How simple is that?  It is open to everyone from every club or community, and is easy to find for people coming to visit from out of town that would like to connect with locals to ride and run our local roads.

Please check it out, try it out, and let us know if you have any suggestions as to how we can make it work even better for you!