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Bike Shipping

Would you like the option of shipping your bike directly to a competent bike shop for assembly and fine tune before the race?

As long as you are shipping from within Canada, this is not a problem.  Shipments from outside Canada directly to a bike shop run the risk of being tagged as an import by Customs, creating a string of headaches and delays.  If you are shipping from outside Canada for our race, we strongly recommend shipping to a 3rd party (like the hotel where you will be staying) rather than directly to a bike shop.

Local high-end bike shop Cyclesmith has offered to receive and prep your bike for the race.  They can store the bike cases during the event and rebox the bike after the race. Unbox $40. unbox/store/rebox $75.

Contact Cyclesmith directly to work out the details and book your cycle on their schedule

2553 Agricola St
Halifax, NS B3K 4C5
Phone: 902-425-1756
toll free: 1-877-425-1756
Fax: 902-492-1759

Contact is Paul Shaw

Store Hours: M-T 10-6, W-F 10-9, Sa 9-5, Closed Sunday