4000 Unique Visitors through EPIC Dartmouth website, Second EPIC-Dartmouth-At-Night details, Charity Sign-ups and more

February 10, 2012

We’ve just hit 4,000 unique visitors to the EPIC Dartmouth website since we launched before Christmas.  It’s great to see the traffic from all over North America (and the World!) as word of our EPIC event spreads.  These people aren’t just passing through either: they spend an average of over five minutes on the website reading information and looking at the course maps.  Together they have nearly 30,000 page views on our race website.

Our most distant competitor to date? South Korea.

We have another competitor that has signed up from (and will be doing all his training in) Afghanistan

Another competitor has signed on from Belgium (and we are tremendously excited about this fellow joining us as he was the second fastest amateur at the IRONMAN 2011 World Championships in Kona, Hawaii last year, finishing in under 9 hours). 

We have a competitor out of Wisconsin that is doing our race, and taking on a staggering challenge by attempting to complete 27 Iron-distances races in 2012 as part of an attempt to raise a huge amount of money for a Fireman’s Charity called Code 3. 

Speaking of charities, we have two competitors already started, and it looks like a third soon to join them, using the Charity Entry option for EPIC Dartmouth to raise funds for charities that are important in their communities. This ROCKS, and we will give them all the support we can to reach their goals.

We’ve set our second EPIC-Dartmouth-At-Night (ED@N) for Feb 23rd. This is an opportunity for the various race committees and local competitors to get together and get updated on all the preparations for the race, talk training, and arrange training groups for those long rides and runs. If you’d like to join us, please do: https://www.facebook.com/events/345236035497696/

There is a bunch more content soon to come to the website, including the Athlete’s Guide, and a full Spectators and Media Guide for the event.  I’ll have a bit more about the details surrounding the race too as we settle more of the details for the event. 

Today, I met with the caterers for the Friday Welcome Dinner and the Monday Awards Luncheon.  These folks are used to doing dinners for Olympic and World level athletes in Rowing and Paddling competitions, so they already understood when I explained we needed a lot of high quality food for our meals!  We’ll be reaching out closer to the event about special dietary considerations, but yes, for those of you that are out of region and have asked, Yes!, we will have LOBSTER as an option at the Monday luncheon!

Good luck with your training, and contact us if we can help!


Tim Chesnutt

Race Director

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  1. I wanted to attend the Epic Dartmouth @ Night Part Deux but was called in to work. I was looking for a training partner in the Dartmouth / Eastern Passage area?